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ABL Asset Management does not guarantee the accuracy of the result and does not assure receiving of the resultant tax credit amount. The above calculator is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for professional advice. Calculation results are based on current income tax laws and each investor is advised to consult his/ her own professional tax advisor due to individual nature of tax consequences.

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Mutual Funds NAVs


Applicable for: April 26,2017
Fund Offer Redemption
ABL-IF 10.6525 10.4951
ABL-SF 20.7988 20.3910
ABL-IIF 10.6554 10.4979
ABL-GSF-B 10.7550 10.5961
ABL-ISF 19.5725 19.1887
ABL-IFPF-Conservative 116.2643 113.9846
ABL-IFPF-Aggressive 138.0578 135.3508
ABL-IFPF-Active 133.7962 131.1727
ABL-IFPF-Strategic - 120.7417
ABL-IFPF-Strategic II - 106.4069
ABL-IFPF-Strategic III - 100.8537
ABL-FPF-Conservative 113.4823 111.2572
ABL-FPF-Active 133.7686 131.1457
ABL-FPF-Strategic - 103.0240
Applicable for:    April 27,2017
ABL-CF 10.6877 10.6877
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Pension Funds NAVs

ABL Pension Fund
Applicable for: April 26,2017
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-PF Equity Sub Fund 200.4105
ABL-PF Debt Sub Fund 137.3001
ABL-PF Money Market Sub Fund 113.1815
ABL Islamic Pension Fund
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-IPF Equity Sub Fund 202.5904
ABL-IPF Debt Sub Fund 113.1225
ABL-IPF Money Market Sub Fund 110.5396
 NAV History

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