June 16, 2017


ABL Asset Management Company Limited.

Since separate rates for deduction of Withholding Tax on dividends have now been prescribed for filers and non-filers, Asset Management Companies are required to determine the individual shares in jointly held Units and each joint holder is required to be treated individually as filer or non-filer. Withholding Tax on dividend payments is now required to be deducted on the basis of the actual shares of the individual joint holders in Units of Open End Schemes ("Funds"). In case determination is not possible, then each joint account holder will be assumed to hold equal proportion of Units and deduction of Withholding Tax on dividend payments will be made accordingly i.e. 10% in respect of a joint holder whose name appears as a filer in Active Tax Payers List and 15% in respect of a joint holder who is a non-filer.

The joint account holders who are recorded as first holders of Units are requested to communicate the respective shares of joint holders in the beneficial interest/ownership of jointly held Units of the Funds managed by ABL Asset Management Company Limited, latest by June 21, 2017, failing which, all joint holders of Units in the Funds will be deemed to hold equal proportion of ownership in the Units and Withholding Tax will be deducted accordingly, i.e. @10% in case a joint holder is a filer and @15% in case a joint holder is a non-filer.

Separate letters have already been issued to the first named joint holders of Units with copies endorsed to other joint holders.

For ABL Asset Management Company Limited

Saqib Matin

CFO & Company Secretary

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Mutual Funds NAVs


Applicable for: February 22,2018
Fund Offer Redemption
ABL-IF 10.4904 10.3354
ABL-SF 14.8712 14.5796
ABL-IIF 10.6034 10.4467
ABL-GSF-B 10.4918 10.3367
ABL-ISF 15.1650 14.8676
ABL-ACPF - 10.0509
ABL-IFPF-Conservative 112.8381 110.6256
ABL-IFPF-Aggressive 108.4379 106.3117
ABL-IFPF-Active 106.1363 104.0552
ABL-IFPF-Strategic - 104.8464
ABL-IFPF-Strategic II - 94.5595
ABL-IFPF-Strategic III - 98.2344
ABL-IFPF-Strategic IV - 101.5300
ABL-FPF-Conservative 111.1428 108.9635
ABL-FPF-Active 100.3322 98.3649
ABL-FPF-Strategic - 98.4572
Applicable for:    February 23,2018
ABL-CF 10.4014 10.4014
 NAV History

Pension Funds NAVs

ABL Pension Fund
Applicable for: February 22,2018
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-PF Equity Sub Fund 166.0002
ABL-PF Debt Sub Fund 141.6014
ABL-PF Money Market Sub Fund 116.7999
ABL Islamic Pension Fund
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-IPF Equity Sub Fund 170.4022
ABL-IPF Debt Sub Fund 114.9004
ABL-IPF Money Market Sub Fund 112.3115
 NAV History

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