ABL Asset Management Continues with the Winning Streak- Management Quality Rating Upgrade to AM2++

January 03, 2018

KARACHI, Jan 02: ABL Asset Management Company Limited (ABL Asset Management), one of the leading asset management companies in Pakistan has achieved another milestone of AM2++ Management Quality Rating which has been upgraded from AM2+ by JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company. This rating denotes "very good management characteristics" with a "Stable" outlook.

This is a huge recognition for ABL Asset Management which is among the few asset management companies in Pakistan to have AM2++ Rating assigned by JCR-VIS.  As compared to the peer AMCs ranked similar, this milestone is remarkable owing to the fact that it has been achieved in a span of less than Ten Years, said Mr. Alee Khalid Ghaznavi, Chief Executive of ABL Asset Management. He further added that ABL Asset Management also has the distinction of being the only AMC in Pakistan to be ISO 27001-2017 Information Security Management System (ISMS) Certified.

He highlighted that the rating upgrade reflects the company’s increasing market share, improving funds’ performance and strengthening of investment management practices on a timeline basis. The rating also incorporates support from the Parent Bank, Allied Bank Limited (ABL). Going forward, the management intends more effective engagement with the parent bank for the sale of mutual funds. The Bank has a large network of over 1100 online branches and ATMs in Pakistan and offers various technology-based products and services to its diverse clientele. Moreover, the company’s continuing focus to expand sales force and enhance alternate delivery channels, overall scope and functioning of the different control functions area among the key factors.

ABL Asset Management as one of the leading AMC has continued to strengthen over time, as manifested in consistent increase in market share and an increasing retail investor base. The AMC offers a comprehensive product suite of 11 mutual funds and several investment plans spanning across asset classes including equity, income, money market, asset allocation, pension schemes and fund of funds.

Mr. Alee Khalid Ghaznavi thanked Al Mighty Allah and all investors, business partners and well-wishers of ABL Asset Management for their confidence and trust which enabled ABL Asset Management to achieve this milestone.

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Mutual Funds NAVs


Applicable for: January 23,2018
Fund Offer Redemption
ABL-IF 10.4496 10.2952
ABL-SF 15.3501 15.0491
ABL-IIF 10.5660 10.4099
ABL-GSF-B 10.4472 10.2928
ABL-ISF 15.7686 15.4594
ABL-IFPF-Conservative 113.4138 111.1900
ABL-IFPF-Aggressive 111.3295 109.1466
ABL-IFPF-Active 108.8046 106.6712
ABL-IFPF-Strategic - 106.7580
ABL-IFPF-Strategic II - 95.8666
ABL-IFPF-Strategic III - 98.7550
ABL-IFPF-Strategic IV - 102.0601
ABL-FPF-Conservative 111.4933 109.3072
ABL-FPF-Active 102.4783 100.4689
ABL-FPF-Strategic - 98.7882
Applicable for:    January 24,2018
ABL-CF 10.3574 10.3574
 NAV History

Pension Funds NAVs

ABL Pension Fund
Applicable for: January 23,2018
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-PF Equity Sub Fund 173.7484
ABL-PF Debt Sub Fund 141.0525
ABL-PF Money Market Sub Fund 116.3571
ABL Islamic Pension Fund
Sub Fund Redemption
ABL-IPF Equity Sub Fund 178.7590
ABL-IPF Debt Sub Fund 114.9337
ABL-IPF Money Market Sub Fund 112.1994
 NAV History

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